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Personal Shopper -Japan Shopping Proxy Service


  1. Sirpa says:

    Great service. Definitely going to use your service again in the future. Thank you very much.

  2. aeliami says:

    Excellent shopping service! I needed an in-store ss for a special release by BTSSB in Nagoya. She quoted everything before, including international shipping fees so I only had to pay one PayPal invoice. After payment, she gave me updates while at the store waiting and afterwards before she had returned home to let me know she had gotten everything! She shipped everything out the same day. My only complaint is the packaging seemed a little small (but I’m glad it wasn’t over packaged, so it’s okay). I’d prefer the brand shopping bag separated and folded, just so it doesn’t get crushed. But not a big deal.

    I would definitely recommend her and would be happy to use her service again!

  3. Fern says:

    Gotten some stuffs from Mercari with Yumi’s help! She’s fast in responding & definitely made it so convenient for me as liaising with the buyer is required on Mercari to close the deal. Thank you Yumi for your patience & assistance!

  4. Robin Clarke says:

    Second time using Yumi’s service, this time to get my Fuji-rock wristbands during the Japan only pre-sale.
    Once again very friendly & helpful. Prompt and proactive communication. Superb service – would definitely recommend.

  5. Judy R says:

    Yumi, I just opened my package, and I am beyond thrilled. YOU ARE NOW MY PERSONAL SHOPPER FOR CLOTHING. I am so lucky to have found you.
    I had visited Japan and purchased clothing from a lovely store, STRASBURGO. After returning to New York, I wanted to purchase more items from their web shop , however the store would not, even after my begging, ship to the USA.
    I then researched online and met Yumi.
    Yumi is efficient, smart, and friendly. Yumi went out of her way to get answers and info. about Japanese sizing. She put up with my constant emails.
    I would recommend her shopping services to anyone for anything.
    Oh, not not mention, the package arrived in less than 3 days, Japan to NYC.
    Thank you again.

  6. Zaccy says:

    Yumi is fantastic. Great to deal with, efficient and my lifesaver. Couldn’t recommend her enough. Just received my monthly order today. Delivery was quicker than my interstate Adidas order!!

  7. Limor Gutfreund says:

    Great service. efficient and quick respond and shipment.would be happy to use your services again in the near future. thanks

  8. Zaccy says:

    Another order received. Always quick delivery service and accurate. Thank you Yumi

  9. Masoud says:

    Great service. Hassle free and quick delivery

  10. Agung says:

    Thanks so much Yumi for your excellent service! Yumi is always patient and understanding even after numerous orders. I always look for her when I want something from Japan. Thanks!