Electrical Voltage and Electrical Outlets/ Plugs/ Sockets

Electrical voltage and electrical outlets/ plugs/ sockets vary from country to country. The voltage in Japan is 100V and the plug shape is A.

Electrical  plug shape in Japan is A

You can check the voltage and plug shape in your country at the link below.

Using electrical appliances with the wrong voltage is dangerous and may do damage to the appliances. Some of them such as computer equipments and audio-visual equipments cover a wide range of voltage, so you don’t need to worry.

Example : This appliance works fine with 100V through 240V.

DVD & Video Formats

When you order DVDs and videos, please make sure that the video format and the DVD region code in your country are the same as those in Japan, otherwise you cannot watch them in your country. If you have a region free DVD player, you will be able to watch DVDs produced in Japan. The video format in Japan is NTSC, and DVD region code is 2.

You can check the video format and DVD region code in your country at the links below.
Video Format Standards by Country
DVD Region Codes and Countries

Region code 1 Region code 2
The marks on DVD packages show their video formats and region codes.

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