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Artist’s Official Fan Club Goods

Artist's Official Fan Club Goods
The customer was a member of her favorite artist’s official fan club, and wanted to order some special goods. I can’t be a member of official fan clubs on behalf of you, but I can help you with reserving tickets and buying goods if you can provide me your member ID and password. […]

Actor’s Original Goods

Actor's Original Goods
The customer asked my help to purchase some goods of her favorite actor, Shotaro Arisawa from resellers at Mercari. Shotaro Arisawa Official Website I can help you with buying items at sell and buy sites and auction sites, such as Mercari, Rakuma, PayPay Flea Market and Yahoo Auction. You may be abl […]

Pro-Wrestling DVDs

Pro-Wrestling DVDs
Japan Pro-wrestling has lots of enthusiastic fan all over the world. The customer asked my help to purchase a couple of DVDs from his favorite pro-wrestler. I sent a message to her and she kindly accepted to sell them to me. When you order DVDs and videos, please make sure that the video format and […]
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