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Japanese food is loved all over the world for it’s good taste and healthiness. There is a lot of convenience foods which I can ship to you. Japanese snacks are popular too, such as KitKat, Glico Pocky, PopinCookin’, YokuMoku, Hi-Chew.


Birthday Printed Macarons with Bonus Tin Badge of Danganronpa

The customer asked me to order Birthday printed macarons of Danganronpa that came with a bonus tin badge that was wh...
Past Requests

Gift to a Friend in Japan

The customer had a friend in Japan and he asked my help to send a gift to him. He chose assorted cookies of Ginza Ki...
Past Requests

Ruysdael Almond Leaf

The customer ordered a couple of confectioneries of Ruysdael, Japanese confectionery store who sells European styl...
Past Requests

Japanese Confectionery

The customer ordered several Japanese confectionery. You might have favorite Japanese foods and daily necessities ...
Past Requests

Spicy Rice Cracker – Maiko-han Hii Hii

The customer ordered Maiko-han Hii Hii, spicy rice cracker in bulk. Maiko-han Hii Hii is a product of Ochanoko Saisa...
Past Requests

Confectionery from Nabana-no-Sato

The customer needed to get a certain confectionary from Nabana-no-Sato in Mie prefecture as soon as possible for cer...
Past Requests

Godzilla Goods

The customer ordered lots of Godzilla goods. Godzilla is a fictional monster, or kaiju, originating from a serie...
Past Requests

Gift to a Friend in Japan

The customer had a friend in Japan and he asked my help to send a Christmas gift to her. The store had a wrapping se...
Past Requests

Japan-Exclusive Kit Kats

There have been more than 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional flavors of Kit Kat chocolate bars produced in Ja...

KitKat Japan 45th Anniversary Commemorative Assortment

The Japanese really have taken KitKat chocolate to a whole new level, with endless amounts of rich, imaginative flav...
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