2.5D Musical Tickets

2.5D Musical Tickets

The customer was planning to visit Japan to watch 2.5D musicals, and I helped her to reserve tickets. A 2.5 dimensional musical, also known as an anime musical, is a type of modern Japanese theater production based exclusively on popular Japanese anime, manga, or video games. The term “2.5D musical” was coined to describe stories presented in two-dimensional medium being brought to real life. 2.5D musicals actors wear make-ups and costumes that accurately depict the actors as the original anime characters, along with exaggerated acting that mimics the original expressions in the original anime. With the evolution of technology, some of the modern 2.5D musicals uses projection mapping, and special effects and stunts of actors attracted lot of fans mostly young women in their teens and 20s.

Ensemble Stars Extra Stage

Oshitsu Kyoshi Hine

Rengoku ni Warau


Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association