Ruysdael Almond Leaf

Ruysdael Almond Leaf
Ruysdael Almond Leaf

The customer ordered a couple of confectioneries of Ruysdael, Japanese confectionery store who sells European style cookies and pies. You might have favorite Japanese foods and I can help you to shop these items and send them to you. Please note that foods are prohibited to ship internationally to some countries.

Ruysdael Official Website
Ruysdael Online Store

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  1. J.Lim says:

    Please can you kindly let me know how much does it cost per box of the Almond Leaf as shown in your first photos. Can i buy it and can you kindly send to us. Thank you.

    1. shopperyumi says:

      Please use a contact form on the front page for inquiry. Thank you.

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