About NEW YEAR DASH !! 2018 Tickets

NJPW announced that the tickets of ringside seats and reserved seats of New Year Dash are all sold out, and only standing is available on the event day.
After the announcement of NJPW, the tickets at TicketCamp get sold out so quickly, and no resale tickets are available right now.

If you’d like to put a ticket request at TicketCamp, please send your information below using Contact Form, and I will give you a quote.

How much you’d pay per ticket (exact amount in Japanese yen. Please consider there will be 510JPY shipping fee from the seller, and TicketCamp handling fee.)
Which seat
How many tickets

In the case that no offer show up, I will refund the costs, but a part of PayPal Processing Fee and minimum service fee, 1000JPY are not refundable.
I would recommend you to receive your ticket at your hotel in Japan you will be staying since there won’t be enough time to ship internationally. If the hotel doesn’t accept mails, I can send it poste restante.


  1. Mathew Pileggi says:

    Hello there –
    I am interested in 1 ticket for New Year’s Dash. Seems I cannot use TicketCamp due to living outside of Japan (USA). I am willing to pay around 10,000 yen. Any seat since it’s sold out!

    Excited for your help.