To Customers Inquiring Ticket Reservation

To customers who are inquiring ticket reservation, please give me detail information below when you send a inquiry.

1. You Name (full name as it appears on your passport)
2. Precise names of theme parks, popup stores, event you’d like to go.
3. Date and Time you’d like to get the tickets (a couple of preferences)
4. How many tickets and ages of ticket holders

Tickets I can purchase per month are limited. I will prioritize those who have prior payment, so more detail information you give me at the first contact, quicker you will receive an invoice. Please remember that I’m not able to guarantee detaining all tickets requested since popular tickets are sold out quickly. In that case, I will refund the costs but the minimum commission fee and PayPal fee are not refundable. I might refuse requests from customers in a disrespectful manner.