Tobacco is now listed in prohibited articles to ship to Australia

Bad news for my customers in Australia who have kept purchasing iqos cartons. Tobacco is now listed in prohibited articles to ship to Australia.
Japan Post’s description of tobacco as a prohibited article to ship to Australia (in Japanese)

Australian Border Force changed the policy for importing tobacco on July 1 2019.
PROHIBITED GOODS -Australian Border Force
Importing or bringing tobacco into Australia -Australian Border Force

Due to this change, Japan Post added tobacco in a list of prohibited articles, and post offices won’t accept packages to Australia that contain tobacco anymore.

There were suggestions that iqos is not exactly “tobacco” and it should be an exception, and one of my customers kindly asked Australian Border Force and he received their advise that iqos can be an exception and imported personally. I talked to a person who is in charge of international shipping, expecting that I should be able to ship iqos if I explain and bring some kind of proof that Australia will accept it. He asked around a couple of departments trying to find any way that I can ship iqos to Australia, but reached a conclusion that it is impossible. Japan Post considers iqos as tobacco even though Australia customs doesn’t. I also talked with a person at a local post office, and he said they won’t be able to accept a package as long as it’s on a list of prohibited articles even though I have a proof that Australian Border Force accept iqos. Local post officers are very careful when they accept international shipping and they always ask me exactly what is inside because they will receive bad evaluation if the packages don’t pass the check and come back from Japan customs. False declaration is an illegal, and I won’t do it. I don’t recommend to use any agents who do it since you will be in trouble when Australian Border Force find out. I checked other shipping method such as DHL, but shipping cost is much higher and procedure is more troublesome so that I can’t offer reasonable commission fee as I used to.

I’m very sorry for this change of regulation they made, but I can’t help it. They might change again and I may be able to ship iqos again sometime. Thank you again for my customers in Australia who had chosen my service to get iqos, and hope I can still help you to get Japanese products in the future.


  1. Tim says:

    Thank you from here in Australia for trying. I do have a permit now to import HEETS now for personal use (3 month supply max), but you are right. DHL and tariffs are stupid