Services and Rates

What your payment will be?

The detail of costs you will be paying.

  1. Product Price
  2. Shipping and Handling Fees
  3. Commission Fee
  4. International Shipping Fee (Shipping)
  5. Shipping Insurance (Shipping)
  6. Option Service Fee (Option Services)
  7. PayPal Processing Fee (Payment)

Commission Fee

10% of Total Purchase Price (Flat rate of ¥1,500 for the items under ¥15,000)

Total Purchase Price includes:

+ Product price
+ Domestic shipping fee (shipping fee from the shop to my address in Japan)
+ Any other expenses the store charges

The commission fee is applied per store/shopping. If you are buying items in several stores, the commission fee is applied to each store. The commission fee is applied to 10 items per store, and an additional commission fee is applied to every 10 extra items.

Bidding at Auction Sites

In the case of shopping at auction sites such as Yahoo Auction, the commission fee is 10% of final value fee and domestic shipping cost (Flat rate of ¥1,500 for the items under ¥15,000). If you are bidding at several auctions, the commission fee is applied to each auction. Please tell me up to how much you’d like to bid, and I will give you an estimate of the costs.
If we win the item at cheaper price than your bidding price,the difference will be calculated and refunded. In the case we don’t win the auction, all costs will be refunded but minimum commission fee(¥1500) and PayPal fee is not refundable.

Shopping at Buy and Sale Sites

I can help your shopping at Buy and Sale sites such as Mercari and Rakuma. The commission fee is applied to each trade.

In-Store Shopping

I can go to the physical store for shopping or searching at your request. Option Service Fee will be charged for going to stores no matter what situation, and it is not refundable in any circumstances.
Please see Option Services for more information.

Reservation Service

If you plan to come to Japan and need a help getting tickets to shows or events, or any reservations, I can help you. Besides shipping to your address, I can send tickets to your hotel or general delivery to a post office close to the place you will be staying.
Please read a page below and include detail information as explained in your inquiry.
To Customers Inquiring Ticket Reservation

Personal Shopper -Japan Shopping Proxy Service