Japanese food is loved all over the world for it’s good taste and healthiness. There is a lot of convenience foods which I can ship to you. Japanese snacks are popular too, such as KitKat, Glico Pocky, PopinCookin’, YokuMoku, Hi-Chew.

Sakura-Matcha, Cherry Blossom KitKat

Sakura-Matcha, Cherry Blossom KitKat
There are lots of KitKat flavors you can get only in Japan. Especially Uji-Matcha and Sakura-Matcha are two of the most popular flavors for tourists and only available at airports in Japan. Additional Option Service Fee was need for in-store shopping, but the customer was pretty happy to get her fav […]

Koneko Meshi gummi candy

Koneko Meshi
The customer wanted to try this gummy candy and he liked it. If you’re interested in any snacks, please ask soon since some of them get finished selling quickly except for regular snacks. […]
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