You can find authentic, high-quality brand items in Japan. Also, there are lots of unique Japanese fashion brands from high-class brands to Harajuku casual fashion brands.

BABY-G G-MS New Model is released!

New model of BABY-G G-MS is released! Sharp metal design adds luxury feel and fit perfectly to active, sophisticated women. High technologies such as Tough Solar, Multiband 6, World Time, and full Auto LED are equipped. MSG-W100G-1AJF (Black), MSG-W100-7AJF (White x Silver), and MSG-W100-7A2JF (Whit […]

orSlow denim and clothing

orSlow denim and clothing
orSlow is a Japanese denim and clothing brand which is known by their authentic high quality manufacturing techniques. They say they design clothes “slowly.” Here the term “slowly” means: ・Crafting original clothes carefully. ・Creating clothes that are adaptable to different styles of different time […]

Ted Baker Men’s Suit

Ted Baker Men's Suit
In-store shopping to buy Ted Baker’s men’s suit. Japan size is tailored a little different from Europe size, and it may fit better for some of you. I do in-store shopping at your request. Option Service Fee will be added for in-store shopping, and it varies depending on number of items, […]
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