Translation Service for shopping at Ayame Store

Thank you for visiting.
We support your shopping at Ayame Store by translating your inquiries.

Right now, Ayame Store uses online machine translation service for dealing with international orders.
They want to provide our translation service to the customers as an option for more comfortable, easier communication.

We translate Ayame store's e-mails in Japanese to English, and your e-mails in English to Japanese.


2000JPY for 10 e-mails (both to and from).
The additional 2000JPY will be charged for every 10 e-mails.
New 2000JPY will be needed for e-mails after delivery of goods such as claims and requests for modification.


Our task is just a translation of e-mails.
We will take no responsibility for any troubles that may happen between you and Ayame Store.
Please note that we have nothing to do with Ayame Store's system and products.

Escort Interpreting

For customers who plan to stop by Ayame Store while visiting Japan, we accompany as an interpreter.
Fee: 5000JPY per visit (Up to three people can attend)
Please contact us in advance to coordinate the schedule.

For inquiries, please use a form below.
Contact form
Please make sure to mention "Translation Service for shopping at Ayame Store" in your message.

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